Digital Signature Certificate

Digital Signature Certificate is required to verify & authenticate documents online on various financial, legal, government etc platforms. We can help you to obtain DSC within 2 working days


A Digital Signature Certificate is a secure digital key that is issued by the certifying authorities for the purpose of validating and certifying the identity of the person holding this certificate. Digital Signatures make use of the public key encryptions to create the signatures.

Who requires a Digital Signature?

It is required by individuals & organizations. The key (USB E-Token) is generated to the applicant in a secure medium and is used for signing official documents online

When is Digital Signature required?

Digital Signature is required when a person or an entity requires performing statutory activities online like filing returns or business registrations etc.

  • Class 1: This class type is used to secure email communications and shall be issued for both business personnel and private individual use
  • Class 2: This class type is used for Incorporation of entities, Business Registrations, Income Tax Filing, etc.
  • Class 3: This class type is used for participating in E-Tendering or E-Auctions.
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Platforms Where DSC is Required or Mandatory 

  • Company Incorporation: The Digital Signature Certificate is mandatory if you are incorporating a Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership or One Person Company  
  • Obtaining Director Identification Number (DIN)Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is mandatory while you are applying for DIN number 
  • Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Compliances): If your business's annual turnover exceeds INR 60 Lakhs it is mandatory to verify your returns with Digital Signature Certificate 
  • Income Tax: For all the individuals/professionals having an annual gross receipt of More than INR 25 Lakhs and for businesses with annual turnover of INR 1 Crore and above it is mandatory to file income tax with Digital Signature Certificate  
  • Goods and Service Tax: If you are a business entity (other than the Sole Proprietorship) it is mandatory to have Digital Signature Certificate for both registrations and verifying GST Returns online
  • Import & Export Code: It is mandatory to have DSC while applying for an import & export code 
  • Intelectual Property Rights: Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is required for filing of Intelectual Property Rights like Trademark, Patent etc
  • E-Tendering: A Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is essential for companies and organizations that take part or intend to take part in E-Tendering processes on various Government sites
  • Employee Provident Fund: Employers in India can use Class 2 Gold or Class 3 Digital Signature Certificates for submitting their employee PF transfer claim form online.
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